We are excited to provide our customers with top quality services. We only use high-fidelity products, and we keep our projects tightly managed to ensure the best customer experience. Please read below for more information about our capabilities. 


Area: 20 acres

Outside storage is available for preprocess and post processed orders.

Buildings and Covered work areas make up 80,000 sq ft with 20’ eves.

  • 14 paint booths 

Automated blasting and coating equipment available for piping 2″ through 24″ by 40′ long. 

Ovens: chart controlled and certified
  • 10’ x 10’ x 50’long, 650°F capacity 
  • 8’ x 8’ x 50’long, 700°F capacity 
  • 8’ x 8’ x 15’ long, 600°F capacity 
  • Burn out oven 
  • 3 mobile 700° ovens 

Lift Capacity to 55,000 lbs. Cranes available for larger parts.

Diameter Capacity:
  • ½” ID to 6’ ID x 40’ internal baked coatings, xylans and other coatings.
  • 4’ ID to 5’ ID x 50’ internal baked coatings, xylans and other coatings.
Tank Capacities Baked Linings:
  • 15’ diameter internal x 50’ long
  • Fork-lift capabilities to 50,000 lbs.

On staff NACE Certified Coating Inspectors and an Environmental Scientist

Complete Project Traceability

Quality Precision Coatings applies baked coatings on items such as piping, sub-sea well control actuators, valve actuators, down hole components, and provers.

Zincs, epoxy and urethane coating on skids, piping, blow out preventer, ball valves, gate valves and well control equipment.